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Ven Tsang Hui was born in Fenglin town in the county of HuaLian, Taiwan. When he was 17, he became a monk under Ven Zheng Ting at Yuan Jie temple in Neihu district. Subsequently he went to San Zhang Buddhist Academy in Shi Pu Temple to learn from Ven Bai Sheng. After graduation, in 1963, he went to LingJi Temple in Yuan San district to receive the Precepts of Ordination to Full Order.  Completing that, he approached Ven Yin Shun in Fu Yan Buddhist Academy in Hsin Chu. The academy was not big but it's a tranquil place since it does not perform many ceremonies. Here, Ven Tsang Hui's ideas regarding Buddhism were profoundly influenced by Ven Yin Shun's thinking.


In order to teach the younger generation more effectively, Ven Tsang Hui strongly believes that monks should receive modern education. Hence, adorned in his monk's robe, he completed his upper secondary education. This course of action stirred up lots of criticism and disdain within the conservative circle of Buddhism. After finishing the upper secondary education, Ven Tsang Hui enrolled in Shi Fan University, which was his first choice. He majored in Education, but also did Mathematics as a minor. Ven Tsang Hui recognized that contemporary education could train him to be more skillful in helping people while mathematics was the best way to sharpen logical thinking.


Though his natural predisposition was inclined more towards freedom, under the encouragement of Ven Bai Sheng, he started Hua Tsang Temple in Australia in 1981. From 1985 when Hua Tsang Temple was formally established to 1992, when the temple building was completed and thrown into use, there were much oppositions and upheavals, which only to show Ven Tsang Hui's steely character for the sake of Dharma.


Ven Tsang Hui places much importance on the education of the younger generation. The tutorial classes in Hua Tsang Temple first came to life in 1979. Currently, in her 27th years, the number of students totaled nearly 200. Now, in some New South Wales schools, there are teachers, delegated by Hua Tsang Temple, teaching about Buddhism. In 1981, Ven Tsang Hui also helped to establish the Buddhist Society in the University of New South Wales. In time, Buddhist Society was established in the University of Newcastle, Macquarie University and the University of Technology. The graduates from these universities were scattered all over South East Asia. In 1999, with much encouragement from Ven Tsang Hui, Zheng Xin Buddhist Society was established in Kuala Lumpur. Apart from this, Hua Tsang Temple spends a great deal of effort promoting and doing the translation of Ven Yin Shun's Miao Yun collection. This is aimed to introduce the Mahayana Buddhist thinking to those who do not understand Mandarin, including the westerners. Currently, 6 books from the collection have been successfully translated.


Ven Tsang Hui emphasizes listening and thinking about Buddha dharma in order to garner correct knowledge and opinion, which would induce correct believes and actions. His method of learning Buddhism is firmly grounded, avoiding unrealistic goals. He often encourages his students to study the Buddha dharma in depth to build up accurate understanding and actions. Ven Tsang Hui has sharp wit and abundant compassion. His every action exudes the compassionate spirit of the Mahayana Bodhisattva. His understanding of Buddha Dharma is very thorough, coupled with his good sense of humour, his flair in debate is unstoppable. In addition, he is capable of teaching opportunistically, allowing the listeners to believe and accept joyfully, thus making him an indispensable Buddha Dharma army.

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上藏下慧法師 出生於台灣花蓮鳳林。十七歲依止上正下定法師於內湖圓覺寺正式出家。出家後 , 法師曾經在十普寺三藏佛學院親近上白下聖長老。法師畢業後 , 於一九六三年到圓山臨濟寺受三壇大戒。完戒後 , 來到新竹福嚴佛學院親近上印下順導師 ; 學院地方不大 , 是個不趕經懺的清淨地方。法師的佛學理念深受導師的佛學思想的影響


法師深信為了更有效的度化新一代眾生,出家人須受現代化教育。於是, 法師披著袈裟完成了高中教育。此舉在當時保守的佛教界中引發了許多批評与白眼。高中畢業後, 法師以第一志願考上師範大學教育系輔修數學。法師除了認同教育的訓練能使自己更有技巧的幫助眾生外, 亦認為數學是邏輯思考的最好訓練。

法師個性雖崇仰自由, 但在白聖長老的鼓勵下,於一九八一年在澳洲草創了華藏寺。從華藏寺於一九八五年正式成立到一九九二年興建完成與啟用, 期間的反對聲浪及風風雨雨更顯示了法師為法的堅毅性格。


法師非常重視青少年的教育; 華藏寺的補習班萌芽於一九七九年至今;已是二十七年, 學生人數近兩百人。現在, 新南威爾斯洲的一些學校都有華藏寺指派的老師教導佛學。法師亦於一九八一年幫助成立新南威爾斯大學的慧命社。之後, 紐卡素大學, 麥覺理大學與科技大學的佛學社也相續成立了。畢業後的學生分佈東南亞各地。吉隆坡正信佛友會亦在法師的鼓勵下於一九九九年成立了。除此之外, 華藏寺亦極力推動翻譯上印下順導師的妙雲集, 把北傳佛教的思想介紹給不諳中文的佛友及西方人士; 至今妙雲選譯已譯了六集。


法師注重在於聽聞佛法的思考中堅固正知正見以啟發正信與正行。法師的學佛風格踏實而不好高鶩遠。他也常鼓勵學生們深入的去研究佛法以建立正確的解行。法師智慧敏銳, 悲心深厚; 處處表現出大乘菩薩的慈悲精神。法師對佛理了解透徹, 也深具幽默感; 說法辯才無礙外, 亦能觀機逗教; 使人歡喜信受 , 是難得的佛教法將。



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