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15 June 2008!!


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Welcome to Zheng Xin!

A brief background about us.... We started as an extension of the university buddhist society of Uni of New South Wales, Sydney (UNIBUDS). Zheng Xin was formed in 1999 thereafter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by our abbot Ven. Tsang Hui of Sydney Australia. We have currently grown to a membership size of about 60, and comprised of ex-Unibuds, friends, and overseas audience. In fact, now ANYONE can join this friendly society, whether you were related or not related!

Our activities are basically to benefit our members in order to continue practising Buddhism daily in the most practical ways as we grow in the various stages of our lives, whilst complimented by some academic logic and discussion to foster progressive understanding of the dhamma.

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Weekly Activities

Tuesday Night

Group Meditation & Dhamma Discussion
New sessions 2008 - To be advice
Ai Rin
012 -330 5018

Sunday Morning

Children Class
Yen Lee
012 - 336 3988
Dhamma Discussion
Eric Keng
012 -278 4722

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